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MEIA: This Is All Heather’s Fault

This blog is all Heather’s fault.

Let me explain.

We were at writing group and she mentioned everyone having a blog.

My thoughts:

  1. I never set up a blog for writing group. Does that mean I can’t be part of the fun?
  2. I love making blogs.
  3. That sounds like not writing — excellent.

So get this, I made another blog. And I’m great at making blogs. Starting blogs is so easy nowadays (*crotchety old man voice* back in my day we had to download WordPress, and then upload it using an FTP, and create all the databases ourselves). All I had to do was make a sub-domain and use the one click installation from my web hosting company.

Heather even thought up the name for me. I lie sometimes. Cindy thought up the name for me.

So that’s how this is all Heather’s fault, even though Cindy gave me the name.

Maybe I’ll even do some fiction writing stuff on here.


  1. Aaaand I missed it! Something writerly actually happened at writing?

    • meghan

      July 20, 2017 at 14:59

      Only barely, don’t worry. We were playing Cards Against Humanity while I was setting up the blog.

  2. European glory, and even after

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