Knowing how to fix things makes my life much easier. In the everyday world, I don’t have a lot of knowledge of fixing things. But at work, I am like a god of fixing things.


A young boy looking triumphant in front of a car with no shirt on. The words "how I feel when I fix something" on the photo.

Me, after fixing something at work. Click for image source.


I bring this topic to the table tonight because I had to call tech support twice today. Both calls were informative, pain-free, and successful.

I’m being pretty vague with this one because over the years I have learned how to fix a lot of things. I’m pretty good with registers (or point-of-sale terminals), ice machines, various refrigeration equipment, and a couple different types of ovens. We do still need outside help to come fix things. But I am the last person to check something before we call for that outside help. And by being that person I usually able to give a more helpful description of what is going wrong. Even if I don’t have the parts, knowledge, or skills to make the repair.

Why does this make me happy?

I like learning things. I like machines and things with moving parts. Seeing how things run and being able to spot when something’s not working right is exciting for me. Knowing how to fix it (and having any needed parts) is awesome. When I fix things myself it’s faster.

A very satisfied looking seal. Just a close up on the face. Words on the photo read "that feeling you get when you fix something with one simple part that could potentially hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace."

It’s such a good feeling. Click for image source.

Have you ever fixed something and felt this good? Share in the comments.

I absolutely recommend that everyone try to learn to fix the things around them. Being handy is a great skill, and I find it to be very rewarding.