Comment Policy

My comment policy for this site is simple: Don’t be a dick. You don’t have to like the things that I like, but I do ask that you don’t shit on them just to try to bring me and other people that like that thing down. If you disagree with something I like or you feel like I missed some information in my post, feel free to let me know. But don’t be a jerk about it.


Disclosure Policy

I do use affiliate marketing. I will note if a link on my site is an affiliate link. Any product that I link to is something that I have tried and enjoyed. This blog is about things I like, but if I have had problems with an item or think that there could be improvements on a thing I won’t hesitate to point this out.

Privacy Policy

I will not share or sell your information. Honestly, I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway. Any information gained through comments, or any other source, is only used for analytics.


These policies are subject to change without warning or notice. I last updated this page on March 17, 2018.