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Posts Incoming: An Update


I’ve imported the posts from a side blog I started called “Meghan Explains It All.” It was a fun thing, but I’ve got Excited Geek and don’t really need two blogs to barely ever post to. The “Meghan Explains It All” posts have “MEIA:” in front of the post title and all have the “meghan explains it all” tag.

Some of the context doesn’t make much sense, but it was important for me to keep those posts.

MEIA: Writing A Shitty First Draft

I found a post on Tumblr that changed the way I think about writing.

Here’s the link: Drafting: The Theory of Shitty First Drafts.

I had always thought that writing a shitty first draft still meant writing prose that could be shared with other people. I really enjoy this blog post because it made me realize that a shitty first draft is more like an outline on crack. All the planning that I try to keep separate because the first draft is “real” writing can be in that document. I love the idea that the shitty first draft is an expanded planning document. Got three ideas of where to start the story? Write them all, deal with it later. Ideas that don’t fit are okay. Side stories with minor characters are okay.

I always wondered how writers managed to cut so much between the first draft and publication (or even sharing with people), but it makes more sense if everyone else is writing first drafts like this. I’m used to the first draft being the one I turned in to the teacher in school, so a first draft that’s just barely controlled chaos and ideas sounds amazing and freeing.

MEIA: Random Post: Cats!!

I know I want to post tonight, but I’ve spent all of writing group trying to figure what to write about.

After much deliberation, I have decided on a topic near and dear to my heart: cats!

I really enjoy cats. My family has two cats. They have grown up together for the most part, but they are not the same breed so they are not actually related. I love how much personality cats have crammed into small, usually furry bodies.

Here’s a Chrome Extension I found: Tabby Cat Chrome Extension. It generates a cute animated cat (and name) every time you open up a new Chrome tab. If you mouseover the cat they vibrate or put their head down like you are giving them petting.

MEIA: Writing Begins with Forgiveness?

Writing Begins with Forgiveness

This links to an article about how writing begins with forgiving yourself for how long it’s been since you wrote last. It’s about how a writer is a writer because they write and not because they write every day.

I really enjoy this because I’m really good at not writing for long stretches of time.

So if you feel like it’s been too long since you wrote last and you can’t get back to your writing, then start by ignoring that and just write instead.

MEIA: This Is All Heather’s Fault

This blog is all Heather’s fault.

Let me explain.

We were at writing group and she mentioned everyone having a blog.

My thoughts:

  1. I never set up a blog for writing group. Does that mean I can’t be part of the fun?
  2. I love making blogs.
  3. That sounds like not writing — excellent.

So get this, I made another blog. And I’m great at making blogs. Starting blogs is so easy nowadays (*crotchety old man voice* back in my day we had to download WordPress, and then upload it using an FTP, and create all the databases ourselves). All I had to do was make a sub-domain and use the one click installation from my web hosting company.

Heather even thought up the name for me. I lie sometimes. Cindy thought up the name for me.

So that’s how this is all Heather’s fault, even though Cindy gave me the name.

Maybe I’ll even do some fiction writing stuff on here.

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