I realized something yesterday as I was doing my pay day finances: being an adult is weird.


So let’s start with this: I’d gotten more money this week than I was expecting. I had my normal work check, a bonus check for the month of December, and a check from my parents paying me back from paying a bill earlier in the month. It all added up to over a thousand dollars for me to deposit.

I’d gone to the bank and had some time to spare before I needed to be at my next appointment for the day. I knew I had a couple bills to pay (cell phone, car), so I went back home and got on my computer to do it. I did pay those two and had plenty of money to completely pay off my credit card bill.

It felt awesome.

I just threw money that I barely have at companies I barely like (because they take my money) and it felt great.

Being an adult is weird.

Anyway, I’m nowhere near close to debt free I have a lot of money in student loans to pay off, but those little things that I’m more capable of being caught up and paid off feels really nice.

I hope everyone gets to feel this way sometimes. The world sucks a lot of the time, but sometimes things go your way and it’s good.