Good evening all.

I’m having trouble with something. I’m a good driver. I use my blinkers, I’m considerate, I pay attention to speed limits, I try to know where I’m going so that I’m in the correct lane. The problem is that I’m really good at getting into accidents.


Today on my break I wanted to drive down the road to pick up a sandwich because I had 6 more hours of work to go. Instead I backed up into a parked car and had to spend my break — and more — exchanging information with the owner of the parked car and the police (just in case).

Are there things I could have done better? Yes, it would have been great if I’d seen that car there when I was going out to my car. Or when I was backing up, that would have been optimal.

But I was looking back as I reversed and all I saw was the empty spot next to the car I collided with.

I’m fine. Both cars have tail light assemblies to replace (driver’s side on each, so you can see how I was looking over my right shoulder as I backed and wasn’t able to see this car). I also left a dent in their bumper under the tail light (I’m sorry). I love my car and I never want to hurt mine or anyone else’s.

If this were a one time thing I would be shaken but not worried. But it’s not. I’ve had my license for two years and I’ve been in three accidents.

One of which was not my fault and resulted in the insurance company totaling my car (RIP Paul, I miss you) and a nasty concave spot in a guardrail that I get to drive past on my way to and from work every day. But that’s also how I got Winifred (my new baby), which now have red lens tape covering the driver’s side tail light.

The other two are this one and another fender bender where the person in front of me on an off-ramp yielded more than I expected him to.

I don’t think I’m a bad driver, but that’s a lot of accidents, and my car insurance premiums/payments show it. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just needed to share the exciting events of my day today (aside from the ten hours of work).

I’d like to stay up and get some reading in, but I have to be up and at work in eight hours so it’s time for me to turn in.

I hope your day was better than mine, but please, share with me your driving stories in the comments.