It’s a new year. And everyone knows that new years are the perfect time for having the motivation to start a project and making goals to better yourself. I’m throwing myself head first into this new year’s trap and starting this blog.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve messed around with this domain. I’ve been letting my dad play around with it and instead been distracted by Tumblr and fandoms.

But now I’m going to start dedicating a little more time to me, and a little less time to crying about how much I love Stiles Stilinski (only a little less, because it’s a lot guys. I love him a lot).

My preliminary goals for this blog are for me to start writing every day. It doesn’t have to be fiction, it doesn’t have to be great or life changing, but it does have to exist. In order to have things to write about every day I want to start working my way through some of the lists of things I have to read, watch, etc. Then I’ll write about them (what I like and/or don’t like).

And to give myself something to look forward to in this first month of 2016 (hopefully only the first month), I’d like to set another goal that will get me something physical. I’ve already put my list of books to read on the lists page, so once I make it through three (3) of the books on that list (I’m not allowed to add fanfic to it and rush through that to cheat) I will buy myself a newer Kindle to read from (I’ve got a Kindle Touch from Christmas 2011 that I love, but I’d really like to have a light on it and smoother display transitions).

So, I got some lists, I’ve got an About page, and I’ve got a first post with a goal. I think I’ve done my thing for the night. It’s time for me to get some things doneĀ and head to bed.

What do you think about New Year’s Resolutions? What do you think of my goals (with the blog in general, and with crossing 3 books off my list to get a new Kindle?) Let me know in the comments.

Good night!